LIGHTINGThe only limit is your imagination: At Ultimate Sound and Light it is our goal to provide an extraordinary entertainment experience created and produced with the energy and passion required to exceed all your expectations. We have been lighting theatre, dance, opera, special events, weddings, fashion shows, festivals and corporate meetings since 1994.

By consistently creating new ideas within the company and integrating those with the ideas you bring in, we can ensure that no two events will be exactly the same. With your vision and our expertise, we can help create your dream wedding. We enjoy taking the time to form a rapport with our clients to really understand their needs, and tailor a venue-specific design. Ultimate Sound and Light offers customized solutions that fit the right balance of design, budget and service.

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The following are some of the ways Ultimate Sound and Light can assist you in enhancing the day you have dreamed;


Your special day, a beautiful room, great entertainment, stunning flowers and fantastic food but what is the missing layer? Elegant lighting will really make it look magical.

Dazzle your guests with a brilliant ambient lighting design or treat the event with simple elegance.
The room or marquee walls are like an empty canvas. We can transform the drab to gorgeous by color matching lighting gels to your wedding colors and washing the walls with color. This can really warm up and make your reception or ceremony space feel intimate and personal.

Project the events theme-oriented pattern on the wall, or fill the rooms’ sky with stars.
One of the most impressive customization options that a bride and groom can add to their wedding day is a customized monogrammed Gobo. When working with Ultimate Sound and Light, show them your invitation, program and cake decoration to aid in designing a truly unique image.

Uplighting is a must to warm any space inside and out, and most cost effective. Highlight beautiful foliage in a garden event, change white columns with colorful streams of light. Positioned these lights around the room, behind the dance floor or along architectural features of the venue to accent the colors of your wedding while adding a dramatic feel.

Dance Lighting

Weddings are a wonderful time to bring together all different age groups and when choosing dance lighting you have to be sensitive to the people attending. We offer dance lighting that instantly gives the feeling of elegance, sophistication, and matches the mood of the wedding and reflects the music being played.

Imagine dancing under the stars that slowly twinkle and move during your first dance or slow dances throughout the evening. Imagine the colors perfectly synched with the music during the dance songs. Imagine the lights slowly fading in the background as your grandparents remember the first time that they danced at their wedding. Imagine dancing on clouds for your first dance as husband and wife. We offer a number of elegant options, not the “disco” lights that you may be used to.


Let’s not forget one of the elements you’ve scrutinized over, the centerpiece. Any great art shown in a gallery has that perfect light to bring your eye towards it, so let’s not forget to highlight your floral work of art. This can be achieved by using pin spot lighting.

Bubbles, Snow and more…

You’ve both said, “I Do” and walk down the isle as husband and wife, but your guests are fumbling with the little bubble bottles handed out….we have bubble machines! These machines create hundreds of bubbles effortlessly, while the bubbles reflect the light in the room. It also gives a fun and gentle entrance to your event, or the dance floor (which children will enjoy playing with for hours). Use the bubbles in conjunction with cloud lighting to give a lighter than air feeling.

Winter weddings? Florida is not well known for snow so we have you covered. Snow machines create a simulated snow that can cascade down with the soft touch of snowflakes all around you, but without the cold! This is a super touch adding and warm glow for family and friends in your winter wedding wonderland.

And of course we have staging, video, sound and lights.

“Where elegance and entertainment meet, you will find Ultimate Sound and Light”